The Swine Flue Has Come To Kennebunk!

With all of the news about swine flue I have just been wanting for it to hit Kennebunk. Well it happened a little faster then I thought and not in the way I thought it would. We have a lot of people in town that live here and work in New York.
I figured that if where going to get it, It would come from maybe one of them.
A hour before I got out of work last night the report came in. One of the guys that works for the school came in and said,
They told us not to show up for work tomorrow the school is closed there is a report of swine flue.
They are also closing the school in Arundel as well for a week. Arundel is the next town going north after Kennebunk.
He also say that there is this High school teacher that has been sick for over a week and still going to school and teaching. She had been to Mexico on her April vacation came back sick and off to work.
As of last night they where only closing the Elementary school. Then this reporter from channel 13  stick his head in the door wanting to know if he can interview people out side the store. I said, Sure go ahead, I thought free publicity for the store.
I just get a kick out of the fact with all the news about the swine flue that a teacher that went to Mexico and got sick would still go to school and teach after all that.
I shouldn’t be, This is Maine after all and our fine examples of leadership that the Nation has witnessed throw our Senators and soon to be State government.
They really need to change that State motto, Maine the way life should be.To, Maine the way life shouldn’t be.
As you have figured out common sense isn’t used in Maine,  Nonsense is used in Maine.
This is just one more example of why Maine is a joke.
I wish I could laugh but it makes me sick and not with swine flue.
Just one time, That is all I’m asking, I want to be proud to be a Mainer and there doing everything they can to keep that from me!