Thee Assimilation Of Arlen Specter!

Star Date 4292009

A Federation News Flash!

The Democratic Collective have assimilated Rino Senator Arlen Specter from the planet Pennsylvania not to be confused with the planet Transylvania, Where a species of blood sucking aliens live.
As the Federation watched in amusement, Press conference after press conference, News cycle after news cycle talking about the assimilation of the Senator Arlen Specter.
Harry “The Borg” Reid said, He has been trying to get Arlen to join the Collective for about 5 years, Arlen says I will hold on to my Individuality and make my own decision on how I should vote.
First of all Senator you need to catch up on your Star Trek, When you are assimilated and join the collective you lose your Individuality and do what you are told in the collective.
The greater good of the collective is your main function you are now a Borg Drone, You have been implanted with Democratic cyber devices that will allow you better to serve the collective.
You see Senator, There is a price when you sell your soul to the Democratic Collective and your Galaxy along with it.
Your going to learn some new catch phrases like, Prepare to to be assimilated or Resistance is futile.
You can find a whole wealth of good information on the Borg if you get The Star Trek Encyclopedia.
It can better equip you in your new life as a Borg Drone and help you better understand what your new cyber implants can do.
You may want to pick up some cream for your skin, I hear those Democratic implants can give you a hell of a rash.
Computer save log and exit program.