Resistance Is Futile! Prepare To Be Assimilated.

The star date 2009,
The general election were held a few months back for the new President of the Federation of Planets.
It was a real hotly contested battle between a Hero of the Dominion wars and a Borg. I thought the Borg will never get elected there not even a member of Federation of Planets this could never happen. Boy was I wrong! The Borg did get elected and I have been running around ever scene trying not to be assimilated.
I am a Ferengi who believes in the Rules of Acquisition, They believe Resistance is futile prepare to be assimilated.
They have assimilated some of our planets that do banking, Shipyard, and a whole host of other things.
A few member of the Federation have said enough is enough and there starting to fight back hoping there is still time to stop the Borg from assimilating everything site.
There hoping to be able to hold out until the next election cycle to get some real members of the Federation in office.
I hope there efforts are not in vain.
Now the Borg are going after the last President of the Federation of Planets on how he fought the Dominion war.
Never mind that the President at that time keep us all safe as the shape shifters were trying to take over our Galaxy.
Where were the Borg at that time when we could have used there help. They were on the side lines just waiting to attack. They know that there were members of the Federation that where a little tried of all the fighting and they waited peace. Well peace has a price any Ferengi can tell you that nothing is free.
I am glad about this battle compared to the last one, The last one with the shape shifters you couldn’t  tell who the enemy was they can change shape at will.You didn’t know if they were friend or foe.
The Borg are a little easier, They say prepare to be assimilated, Resistance is futile. Resistance is only futile when you don’t fight back.
We didn’t become the Federation of Planets because we weren’t willing to fight back. We became the Federation of Planets because we were.
I say to all of you that have said, Resistance is not futile, I will not be assimilated. Good job, Keep up the good work and lets take our Galaxy back!
Computer save this log and end program.