Democrats, You Ante That Bright To The Point Of Laughter!

I have been laughing scene the Democrats handed out the memo on torture.
Every time today that it was brought up I couldn’t stop laughing.
I really do find this subject rather funny. Can we be honest, Talk like adults.
I sure do hope so, Because I’m sure going to try to. If not an adult at less someone with some years on them.
I have suffered some of the tortures on that list, I was married.
This is not to be taken as an Insult but as the truth.
We have all been in relationships that have seen some of that in them.
I live in a sea of Bush bashing.
I live in Maine. And the Port is down the road.
What I do like, Is that it gave me an opportunity to get a little even.
This guy is in where I work, And he is getting red!
I can see the red going up.
A real Bush hater.
I laughing about the torture list and he is giving me dirty looks.
I smile and say,
I see you got a wedding ring on.
He looks at me.
I say, Can I ask you a question?
I said you have been married for a while,
Have you ever been in a fight with your wife.
It is late at night and all you want to do is go to bed.
You got to get up in the morning and she wants to talk it out.
3 turns to 4 you got to be at work by 7.
That is sleep deprivation.
I have been Tortured.
He got even redder, And I keep on laughing.
Here is one your going to like! Sad but true.
I have grown up by the water my whole life and lived right next store to a pond.
We would go out there, Trying to impress the Lady’s
Where diving around, Front flip and O’ no back flips.
I backed flipped right into water boarding myself.
That is sad.
I use to have long hair, I’m taking a shower.
I lend back to far trying to get all the soap out of my hair and I water boarded myself.
know, I am sorry but I find that funny.
They have a regular on Red Eye a late night show on Fox.
He was losing it about the torture, The water boarding.
I guess they water boarded this guy about 180 times.
He was pretty mad about that.
I’m thinking that does seem a little much.
But if you know that they are not going to kill you, Where is the threat!
They know in America your not going to be killed.
There is no threat.
A bug, Sleep deprivation, Grabbing someone by the chin, Ping someone against a wall.
And my favorite, Water boarding.
We have all had these tortures done to us by someone or in my case done them to themselves.
Lets get real, Democrats.
Your really making me laugh.
I guess the real torture was that fact after the torture they didn’t get none
At lest I did.
Torture me baby, Torture me.
So Democrat please keep this up.
I haven’t had something to laugh about in months!