Whipping It Up!

I’m Setting here in amazement, Absolutely stunned, bewilder,and mystified about talk radio.
Today was a may la about that book the Venezuelan Dictator gave to our Prim Minster.
Rush whipped it up, Shawn whipped it up, Mark played Rush whipping it up, and when I left work lora was whipping up.
I do want to throw Ann in there it doesn’t seem right with out her. If Ann had a radio show I’m sure she would be whipping it up. If I made the mistake and turned on my TV they would be whipping up as well.
O The book, What is the shock, What is the whop to do. You all ready have to know that Communist New Network was going to do that. MSLSD I got a thrill down my leg Chris Matthews and Count Down To No Ratings Kieth Overbite was going to whip it up. Mark, I got a man crush.Back on track. I bring this up this way because I feel a great opportunity was last. They had a chance to really say what has been going on down there. Talk about how that the Russians had brought weapons in to Mexico throw Venezuela and not throw America. Point those things out. Let them have it.
Tell America what happened to the banks. These are detraction. They keep you away from what there doing.
Whip that up. America doesn’t need fluff it needs meat. We already know what kind of Prim Minister got elected.
We all ready know how he is going to operate. We need to be one step ahead. We need to whip up the Senate about what the little weasel in the FED is doing. And don’t trust that Department Of Homeland Security lady.
They are who they hang around with and there up to no good. We need to make sure to keep are eyes on them.
There are more team members then just the Prim Minster.
He likes Basketball keep your eyes open for the pick and roll.
If were not care full there in the paint and dunking your I think you get the point.
Let The Communist New Network and MSLSD I got a thrill down my leg Chris Matthews and Count Down To No Ratings Kieth Overbite play the whipping boys You know we get the ball to Red Auerbach would run the floor.
Keep them running tire them out. Then when he won the game he would lite a victory cigar.
Lets see who gets the Tommy point!