Just Some Budget Cuts!

The Prim Minster of the United Socialist State Of America wants to cut 100 billion dollars from his budget.
First of all that is pretty big of you seeing it isn’t even your money.
But seeing it is my money I have come up with a few budget cuts of my own.
1) Don’t fly your own private pizza maker from Chicago to Washington.
You know DiGiorno’s taste pretty good if you cook it right.
2) In stead of flying around the world visiting other Country saying your sorry for America.
You may want to visit some of America’s landmarks. Like Gettysburg, There you will see the truth of America’s greatness.
Plymouth rock where the Pilgrims landed to escape Religious persecution.
New York where there were million of legal aliens came to build a better life for them and there family’s.
These trip don’t cost much because there price less.
3) Instead of the Corporate GM’s working for a dollar maybe you guy’s might want to take some responsibility for the mess you guy’s made in Congress and in the Senate and take a pay cut.
I don’t see you guys working for a dollar.
4) We could save a ton of money if we didn’t fund acorn anymore. Seeing they have three unions of there own they run.
Plus all the Income they make of housing and there other enterprises.
I thought they where nonprofit?
Boy what a little research and a nice Gentleman on the Mark Levin unofficial fan web site gave me will do.
What a racket you got going with them.
What ever happened to the Reco law.?
Al Capone should have had a Acorn worker, Working for him he might not have gone to jail.
5)This one would be fun and beneficial to paying down the debt.
Every time you spew your Anti American garbage you have to pay a dollar to pay down the debt.
If you started doing that scene you started running for Prim Minster to today Boy Howdy we would be in the black!
6)If we stopped funding the Teachers Union, I know right off the top we would have saved one million dollars.
That is the amount the Maine state teacher union sent to Utah to fight the school voucher program.
It is time to step up to the Plate take it on the chin.
Instead of firing the GM of Government Motors why don’t you fire the union bosses for not making a deal.
O wait a minute maybe they did make a deal.
I do notice that the union fill your Democratic coffers we money come election time.
Like I said it’s time to take one for team, It’s time to be Patriotic.
I’m sure the people of America could come up with even more.
They have had to really cut there budgets scene you have taken office.
Remember every time you spew your Anti American garbage you have to pay a dollar on the debt.