Free Choice Act!

I just joined “paint Maine red” web site. I am dressing it up, and this Google ad wont stop staring at me.
The ad goes like this,
Help Maine workers, Tell Senator Snowe to support the employee Free Choice Act.
I have written enough about the taste those Wicked Witches Of The Northeast leave in my mouth.
I love how Democrats coin there words. Free Choice Act. Pro Choice. They sure do want there choices.
I need you to do a little time travel with me. Jump into the way back machine.
The year is 2008, Short trip, But this is how the Democratic unions work.
The Maine State Teachers Union,
Sent “ONE MILLION DOLLARS” to Utah to fight the “School Voucher Program”
Trying to take away the “Freedom of choice of parents to send there children to the school of there choice.
When I read that it made me sick! It is bad enough to live with these socialist swine.
But to spread there Socialist mentality and there Vile to another State and sending my tax dollars to do it.
And robbing not only the education of the kids in Maine but trying to rob the education of kids in Utah.
Is just about as much as I could take.
In yesterdays paper, There were pictures of those union people delivering blueberry pies to the Representatives of Maine.
I took a good look at there union signs and they are the unions that support Acorn!
Be careful of swine bearing gifts.
There not about choices, there about taking them away.
There not unions there socialist and there swine, vermin, Refuse, Need I say more, Because I can!
Not to keep harping on this Union crap,
But have you noticed when that Stimulus package was passed that they said it would save or create
Three million jobs. Like Teachers, Did the Teachers Union step up to the plate?
When the auto makers asked for a bail out, Did the Auto Unions step up to the plate?
The Unions take but they don’t give back.
There not only robbing there own members but our Country as well.
The Unions rob from the poor and give to the Democrats.
Where is Robin Hood when you need him.