You Got To Stay One Step Ahead Of Them

Friday is almost to a close, The weekend is on it’s way and to temperature is going up. You know I have to say it!
And I don’t mean globule warming. All the radio show were a buzz about the comments on the Communist Cable News Networks. What a big surprise. I do have to say! I find the comments offensive.
But I am not surprised by them. Shawn, Mark, Lora. Played those clips over and over again and it got under there skin. That is why I lesson, I love those guys. But lets be honest for a moment. There speech is only going to get worse.
You are going to be called all kinds of names. There going to say you have done all kinds of things. Look, You have to see what kind of man is in the White House. On The Mark Liven show the other night he started to talk about Rules for Reticules. Like Mark said Knowledge is power. You have to think one step ahead of them. Knowing how there going to act is one way of being ahead of the game.There trying to piss you off. There baiting you. They where really pissed off because there was no violence during the Tea Party’s. Like I said in my last Blog they embrace the things they fight over. The hate peaceful protest. Why? Because look how they protest, Violent protest, The thing they say they hate they do. Just look at there history. This is one there working on right know. Division is there new goal.
You hear them talk about it all the time. They don’t want division, Can’t we all just get a long. And what do they do. Just the opposite. There is a line in a TV show I like and it goes like this. I wouldn’t believe you if you told me water was wet. I love that line! I’m going to digress for a moment. Here is another line and I have used this one.
You tell someone what you really think and when you get a dirty look you say this. Did I just say that out loud. That goes over real good. Back on track. Knowing your enemy help you know his next move. It is time to do a little road side sign reading and keep track of the mile markers. This road called change where on does have street sign and mile markers don’t be afraid to read them. There road called change isn’t hard to figure out at all. This road was
traveled before, Not by American but by the French. They have left plenty of land marks a long the way. Study the French Revelation. What they want is a Constitutional Congress. If that happens then they can take over. That is there goal. They want America in a one world government. And there not going to stop. I told you in my last blog. What comes around goes around. The United State voted with there pocketbooks and That is how there taking over. That stimulates money to the states comes with a real high price. Your very freedom. Those Governors that are standing up and being mocked for it, Are sounding the alarm. Yesterday Glenn Beck had a guest on. They where talking about this very subject and the guest was trying to bait Glenn into Calling for this to happen. When Glenn thought about for a moment, He got it and the guy smirked at him.
The guy was trying to deceive him. You have to be one step ahead of them there going to try and trick you.
I’m yelling at the TV set don’t fall for it Glen it’s trick.
Know if you want to slow down this trip your on, This road called change learn from a child.
Are we there yet? I got to go to the bathroom!
So America, I hope you forgot to go before you left and lets take as many bathroom breaks as it takes to slow this trip down.