The Mantle Of The Progressive Man

There is two Prophets in the Bible there names are Elijah and Elisha and there lives are still changing people lives today.
Elijah asked Elisha what can I do for you? Elisha said, I want a double portion of your spirit upon me.
Well he got what he wanted he did double the miracle plus one that Elijah did.
You can read about them in First and Second Kings.
You see that Elijah picked up the Mantle of God and Elisha because of the example of Elijah picked it up as well.
Not only took up the mantle of his mentor but he wanted to do twice as much.
I have been hearing the last couple of day about the department of homeland security director and the paper she put out about me being a terrorist. And not only me but you as well. Why? Because I don’t believe that it is right to take the life of an innocent child! Why? Because I am proud to be born an American and I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America! Why? Because I believe in the rule of Law and that if you want to be a American citizen that you have to do it legally! I’m not a Terrorist, I’m an American!
She has picked up the Mantle of her mentor. I learned as a child you are who you hang around with.
If you just what to know what a man thinks, Just talk with his friends.
The mantle of the progressive doesn’t give a rats ass about what is moral, What is immoral is his mantle.
You’ve been asking yourself for a while what has a America become? I say what is America becoming?
These seeds where planted some time ago and know where seeing the plant grow. It isn’t full grown yet.
Why are people so surprised about what this woman said, She is only doing what her mentor doing.
They don’t care about you, They crave power, Just like there mentor.
There mentor craved power and when he was done he took 1/4 of the angles with him and mankind as well.
So as this road called change keeps on going, Don’t be surprised, But aware there going to do the work of there master.
They have picked up his mantle, The mantle of power, They wont take no prisoners, The wont spare no live, Because
no one is putting a up fight. There going to put you through hell all in the name of the progressive man.
The Prim Minster of the United States paled around with terrorist those where his mentors and the people he chooses to work for him are going to be like him. Put on your seat belt this ride is far from over.