From One Extreme To Another!

I am sure that a great deal of people have seen the video on the reception that Bush got from the troops compared to
the reception that Obama got from the troops. If you haven’t seen this video please watch it. Last week Obama gets this great reception from the troops in Iraq. When I heard it I said, That is from one extreme to another. I thought thats
Weird. I filed it away in the memory banks of my mind. The other night I was listening to Lora Engram. She has this reporter from ABC news who had a interesting story to tell. He was on that trip with the Prim Minster of the united state to Iraq. They where talking about this very subject. He was telling about how the handlers of the Prim Minster where asking troops who they voted for during the election. You see the crowd of troops that where cheering the Prim Minster where all troops that voted for him.Now I know why that reception was so great. The Prim Minster must be suffering from a low self esteem. You know Mr Prim Minster if your life wasn’t so against do what is right then what is wrong.
You might feel better about yourself. Your handler wouldn’t have to hand pick your crowds. Because even a man that does the right thing doesn’t care about what the crowd thinks. He knows in his heart he is doing right.
His self esteem is high and he projects it. Mr Prim Minster, Let me share a short story with you. There was a man doing a job and he couldn’t do no wrong everything was going right. One day a recession hit the company he was working for was losing business left and right. Out of know where things changed that person couldn’t do no right everything he did was wrong. The bosses where breathing down at every moment. The man didn’t understand why! The man asked God, Why one minute, He is the best thing scene sliced bread and now he is a bum. God said to the man. They have no control over what is going on, So they have to have control over you. So that they feel like there still in Control. I bring this up to show you a man with high self esteem goes to God when he has know control over what is happening. A man with low esteem tries to control the people. I ask you Mr Prim Minster, Who is the better example? The man who goes to God to help him control his circumstances or the man that goes to man to help him control his circumstances?