What Is It About Bridges!

The town of Kennebunk is proposing in town renovations to main street.
New fake brick side walks, Trees, Lamp posts,Granite curbs.
One genus in town was quoted in the paper saying that main street was a sea of tar.
This project will cost 3.4 million dollars.
Kennebunk is a Island, You have to cross a bridge at some point to move around Kennebunk.
Not only a Island in land but in thinking as well.
Let me tell you about a bridge. It runs down summer street and is the main way to Kennebunkport.
One night a few years ago it sunk, it dropped down about a foot and when I say dropped I mean sunk.
No one wanted to pay to fix it not the Town not the State.
It was a joke people had to use other ways to get to the port that also includes Fire and Rescue.
Now when I say you have to drive around the long way that is a mild understatement for a Irishmen.
Finally, President Bush got pissed off and sent in the Army core of engineers to put up one of those bridges
to cross a river the army uses.
I cant tell you who then paid to fix the bridge, I can tell you it got fixed.
I bring this whole thing up because there is another Bridge that is the main route throw the town of Kennebunk.
you have to cross it to reach main street. It is route one.
There has been sink holes that had to be fixed and last summer the cops found a hole, It was a good size one.
I drive a round on a scooter and so do a lot of other people in town. That hole was more then big enough to have
swallowed our front tires. That would have been one hell of a ride, Luckily no one was hurt.

They came and fixed the hole and then later on in that year they retard the bridge to cover up all the work they had done.

Before you try to redress main street you better fix that bridge or the only ones looking at your new main street will be the one’s across the river.
And God forbid anyone gets hurt because of this stupidity. They will sew you and that for knowledge of the bridge that you have will only make the money total go up for the Plaintiff. It will make that 3.4 million dollars look like chump change.