They Call Themselves The Fighting Irish!

I have been watching the fighting Irish my whole life. The only collage football, I will watch on TV accept the Army,Navy game that has a great tradition. I thought the fighting Irish had a great tradition, But I was mistaken. It is sad to say that.
The fighting Irish is as much a part of me as any thing can be. I never went to that school,  But I still feel like I had.
I let you in to my house and my heart.
Watching “Rudy” inspires me. I am from New England so our connection have grown even deeper with your Head Coach being a part of the team.
That is all gone know,
I will never be able to think of the fighting Irish like that ever again. It is gone, You can’t stand up for what your school teaches. Human life means nothing to you know. Is that your New Tradition. I will not let that tradition to be a part of my life.
What does the fighting Irish stand for, If you don’t stand for human life. What are you fighting for?
I use to think you fight for the teaching of your school and it’s traditions a proud Heritage.
Not so proud anymore!
It is sad to say this, Do you know that when you take the field to play a game, The first thing people will think of will not be your Tradition, but your lack of one.
I am proud to say, I am the real fighting Irish.
Timothy Paul Donovan and I bleed green.