America For Sale!

I was riding around from the east to west. Heard a people crying for hope and change.
People crying my money my job.
I would sell my soul for hope and change, Well you did more then that.
You sold your Country and your family and friends a long with it. And then you went to sleep.
The G20 starts today. I wounder if you’ll be a wake long enough to see your decision that you made come true your about to get all the hope and change you can deal with.
Those AIG worker got a bonus with my money. That Bush, I can’t wait till he is gone. Obama he well save us.
If there is anyone who can it will be him.That Rush he wants the President to fail. He is a bad man.
Those people breed fear they don’t love are Obama. Wait a moment I need to fluff up my pillow.
Obama going to pay all my bills. He is going to put gas in my car. Buy me a house.
I will name my first born after a man like that. Might sound a little funny being Irish.
But I know there is gold at the end of his rain bow. It doesn’t matter what he does, It’s Obama.
And he is faster than a speeding bullet, More powerful then a loco motive, It’s a bird it’s a plane. No ,
It is Super Obama. I love dreaming, In my dreams the birds are flying all about singing song of praise for my Obama.
I hope I never wake these dreams are to good.
They should go after those bonuses, That guy from GM should be fired.
O he speaks with sound of Angels.
I could have sworn I heard a trumpet playing a sweet sound of Obama.
I could keep this up all day and I’m sure you could add thing I forgot.
But does it really matter.
For today the bidding start for America and Obama is your Auctioneer so go to Ebay and watch the bid.
And remember it is a silent action we don’t want to wake anybody up.