I have been waiting for this to come up, The G20 that is. All hell is going to break loose. And I can’t wait to watch it.
There are a lot of pissed of people and the games a foot.Lets see if the real culprit come out of the closet and finally
get to his business. Quit playing and come out, Your not fooling anybody. At lest your not fooling me. You don’t think they went over to Italy for nothing. You don’t think they just came up with that amount for the stimulus bill out of thin air do you? This game is about to be played right before your eye’s. Stop the madness you don’t think this special need president is not destroying our country for nothing. That uneasy feeling we all have it didn’t come out of know where.
It came right from your Gut and if there is a time to pay attention to what your Gut is saying it is Now.
Damn straight I will be watching, I’m not a sleep. or a sheep ready to be slathered.