The Wicked Witch Of The Northeast Strikes Again!

I have been, Let say a little nuts today.Seance I found out the The Wicked Witch Of The Northeast was on ABC’s This Week. Talking to that little Farrit. Chilton freak, Michael J Fox wanna be. This is the Twisted Senator Sister that not only sold my State to the Federal Government and my rights along with it. And was a Traitor to her own Country for voting for that Stimulus Package. Then the other day she votes with her Twisted Senator Sister to go against the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA and vote to take away the bonuses of AIG workers.
That woman has lost the right to even talk about what her vote has cost. She sold her soul to the Devil and us along with it. The Health care bill those two voted for will cost not only money alone, But Lives. That S chip bill was a joke to someone who has spent a great deal of time working with the elderly. I have watched more people die then I care to.
Now I know that because of her stupidity more people will suffer. And not only her, but me, I voted for her.
The amount of family’s that are and will be effected by these two Witch’s is to great to number.
And she has the gull to set there and wine. Makes me sick even thinking about it. The only thing is that Snowe stayed away from that stuff. This is why I write to get those two unelected and to get SARAH PALIN ELECTED.
If any good can come out of what these Wicked Witch’s Of The Northeast have done it will be GOD that has to do it.
Let them know your distaste for what they have done. I know and they know I will.