Tea Party at the Alamo!

The Spirit of freedom runs through the Alamo, Like the spirit of the American patriots that died there.
John Wayne a real American Hero brought us the story of the Alamo so those freedom fighters would not be forgotten.
And from what I saw on the Glen Beck show there spirit once more will have a chance to shine not only them but a new kind of Patriot a motivated group of Americans that have had enough and are willing to say, No more will we bow to the people of the government. For we are Americans and our Government is of the people. and were coming to take it back. We will vote you out. And take back what is rightfully our God given right to us under the Constitution of these Untied States of America. Which you have been trotting on. With know respect to the Men and Women that have given there life blood to protect such a beautiful gift as freedom.The video that was sent to Glen Beck show ,Picked at the strings of my heart and played a beautiful Melody, A sweet song, The song God puts in your heart when you are born that song of freedom. I can’t wait for that day to see the spirit of thee Alamo sing that song of Liberty once more.