Tails From The Right Side.

I was sitting looking out at the snow fall here in lovely down town Kennebunk. Thinking weather or not I would have something to write about in a blog. I went to work like any old good boy would. I got bored picked up one of The far left news papers sitting on the self. I happened to notice a column about Rush and the GOP I wouldn’t mention it but
my Whacked Out Senators Sisters From Maine provided all if not most of the CRAP that’s in it. I just want to give you a few Quotes. First, With know further Ado The Wicked Witch Of The Northeast Senator Snowe. Snowe said, We should return to the politics of Ronald Reagen who adopted a “Big Umbrella” approach to Ideology. Just one thing about Senator Snowe’s Ideology. This is a woman that when she ran for the Senate would not debate the man that had won the Democratic nomination of there party. I did not vote for her because of that. The man weather or not I agree with him had the right to that debate. Know as far as the Ideology of President Ronald Reagen in his debates and his speeches you will not find that Her Ideology and His Ideology match. I welcome anyone to prove me wrong. Go to Youtube and hear His speeches.That Stimulus Bill you Voted for that S chip Bill is not part of the Ideology of President Ronald Reagen. I Don’t want to be long winded that is why I am only doing Senator Snowe in this one. Here is a taste of the column. Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is casting a shadow over the Republican party efforts to redefine itself. After two losing election cycles. For moderate U.S Senator Collins and Snowe of Maine who defied the party’s National trend by easily winning re-election in 2006 and 2008 respectively. Its almost too much to bear. You’d think they might take a page out of our book, Rather then trying to fight it. Snowe said of the National GOP last week, They don’t wont to acknowledge where they have gone wrong. One more Quote please
Snowe said, She approached Steele last week, After He said in a interview That he would be open to funding primary
challenger’s to Her, Collins and Spector of Pennsylvania. The only three GOP Senators to vote for the stimulus bill.
I have been bugging the day lights out of the GOP not to fund them anymore.I found out that there funding comes out
side of the State of Maine. Guess What Senator Snowe your Ideology and my Ideology are not the same either.
I will continue to write these blogs and to email them to anyone that will listen. News papers, TV, My 7 web sites and growing. I told you a while ago, I know your name know, But your sure as hell going to know mine.
Why would anyone with a good conscience want to take a picture out of your book. Never mind the GOP.
You sold out your State and your Country when you voted for those Bills and you continue to keep on doing it.
You don’t care about us you care about you. that is all it is, One big U.