Light Houses and a Lobster Museum

Greetings From The Welfare State.

Fox News is the Greatest, I don’t have the time to read over 1,000 pages of a BiLL.
So I have to rely on them to point out what my Whacked out Senators think the American people should pay for.
Light House Reconstruction, A Lobster Museum.
Lets take the Light Houses First.
Light Houses in Maine are our State Treasures.
They have guided boats for hundreds of years. From the old time Whalers to the Lobsters boats of today.
What did the State do to keep them in repair? NOTHING. They took the Taxes and blow the money.
Did they think that they where a State Treasure? Did they think when people think of Maine they see a Light House?
I think NOT!
Let Me tell you a story about a Museum.
There is a Museum in Kennebunk, It is called The Brick Store Museum.
They spent a Ton of Money to fix it up and I mean a Ton. Ok not a Trillion. But a Ton.
Know, Right down the road from the Museum is a School. It is called the Park Street School.
It is empty Know, It has been for year.
Here we go, Listen to this.
This is how Maine’s Welfare Leader think.
They Just sold the School for Three Hundred Thousand Dollars. Here is The Kicker, They had to take out a loan for One point Four Million Dollars to FIX the school before the company would buy it. That is a NET LOSS of ONE POINT ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
This is why I mention it. If they had taken the money to FIX the Brick Store Museum and turned The Park Street School in to a Museum.
They Would have a place for Tourist to go.
It would also draw Revenue for the town.
They then could have sold the The Brick Store Museum A WIN, WIN all the way around.
But NO.
So I ask you Do you want your Tax Money To Pay For The Stupidity Of Maine’s Welfare Town and State Leaders?
I think NOT.