A Live and Well in Mexico!

I’m reading the “NY Post” tonight at work, Hillary or should I just say that idiot Sectary Of State was saying it was our fault for the violence in Mexico and over our borders.
I really do think they inhaled. She blamed it on America’s drug use. Know this is one reason why I loved 43 so much. He flashed the rats out of the holes. He told it like it is.
The Russian brought those weapons to Venezuela. Venezuela brought them to Mexico.
The Russian are pissed over Poland. They didn’t like having there border neighbor in league with the U.S. So they said, “Fine” you want to mess with our neighbor will start messing with yours. They couldn’t get to us throw Canada. So they went south of the border.
Where there pick ins was easy! Know, If it had been the drug us , Canada is one of the most Liberal Country when it comes to weed. I live in the Northeast and you hear it and see it all the time. I wouldn’t have wrote about this but I’m sick of the lie’s these people tell.
Her real motive or should I say that poor excuse of a President or should I say, America’s first Prim Minster. Wants to legalize weed so they can tax it. Keep there voters stone so they can do there dirty dealing. A bunch of stoned Acorn worker Obma’s Own Private Domestic Terrorist Group! Can’t wait for that one. Sorry Hillary, Some of us are not that stoned to buy that one!