Senator Jeff Sessions: An Alabama Hero

He has baffled the mainstream news media and taken the Senate Democrats by surprise, all in plain view of the American people. That man is our own U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions.

While the talking heads on network TV for weeks have warned that Republicans risked losing Latino voters forever if they challenged Judge Sonia Sotomayor during the current nomination hearings, Senator Sessions pulled the wool over their eyes and took a different tack.

His disarming Alabama charm and incisive questioning put Sotomayor on the defensive; she has been in a full retreat from every boneheaded liberal position she’s taken. She even tried to stealthily distance herself from her infamous “Wise Latina” remarks of several years ago. Senator Sessions wouldn’t let her off the hook.

Not even New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s “Mr. Fix-it” tactic could help Sotomayor. The damage was done.

Thanks to Senator Sessions’s excellent preparation and coordination with other Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sotomayor and the Democrats have sustained some direct hits on their credibility in a very public forum. Live television coverage has revealed to American voters just how disengenuous the liberal agenda really is. Legislating from the bench and going against the laws of the land aren’t popular with a vast majority of Americans, except for a tiny minority of liberal activists.

Sotomayor is the choice of liberals, especially Democrats in the U.S. Senate who now have 60 members, a filibuster-proof majority. Senator Sessions has so far done a stellar job of making sure the American people have a clear picture of just who this Sonia Sotomayor is and what kind of Supreme Court Justice she will be. For that, we should be most grateful.

As an Alabamian, I am especially proud of the leadership of Senator Jeff Sessions at a time when many are looking for bold Conservative leadership.

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