Our Conservative Kansas Campaign

Thank you RedState for all you do!  My name is Tim Huelskamp. I wanted to introduce myself to you because the race to fill the open Big 1st Congressional seat in Kansas will be an important one for conservatives.  In fact, The Hill newspaper recently named this one of the top ten races in the country.

As a husband, father, Kansas farmer, and Kansas State Senator since 1997, I am excited about the prospects of putting my lifetime of experience to work for you in the United States Congress.

For more than a decade in the Kansas State Senate, I’ve been a leading advocate for fiscal responsibility and free enterprise, the sanctity of life and the protection of marriage, judicial restraint and private property rights.

Our campaign was recently endorsed for Congress by Kansans for Life.  And I’m the only candidate for this seat to have gone on record opposing Governor Kathleen Sebelius’ nomination to be HHS Secretary.

This year has been an exciting one in the Kansas State Senate.  On the 2nd Amendment front, I was a leader in passing a proposed state Constitutional Amendment to protect our individual gun owner rights.  And I am helping lead the effort to balance our state’s budget without a tax increase and without giving away our state sovereignty via the stimulus package.

We also continue to fight for the Right to Life.  “The Huelskamp Amendment” (as one outlet named it) would have defunded Planned Parenthood.  Sadly, only a day after it was successfully introduced, some Republicans stripped it from the bill. (But the good news is it will likely come back during the veto session in April.) .

Over the years, I have been recognized by a variety of conservative groups, including: Top Friend of the Taxpayer, Kansas Taxpayers Network; Daniel Award for Courageous Leadership, Kansans for Life; Ronald Reagan Outstanding Leadership Award, Kansas Republican Assembly; Taxpayer Champion, Americans For Prosperity-Kansas; the prestigious Open Government Award, the Sunshine Coalition; career A+ rating, NRA; and Hero of the Taxpayer, Americans for Tax Reform.

Aside from sharing your conservative philosophy, I am proud to have been at the forefront of several cutting-edge, common sense, conservative policies right here in Kansas.

For example, the state-wide website KanView allows Kansans to review financial transactions made by state agencies and to see the salaries of public officials.  KanView grew out of an amendment I offered during the 2007 legislative session, but in my mind, even more government transparency is needed.

As such, I introduced a bill to provide that same level of transparency for the $5.5 billion worth of financial activities for our school districts.  In Congress, I would continue the fight for more government transparency, whether in the area of foreign aid, the ill-advised stimulus package, or the myriads of wasteful federal government programs.

While a lot of politicians talk about transformational conservative leadership, few actually try it.  For the last dozen years, I am proud to say I have been the proven leader in fighting for innovative solutions in the Kansas State Senate – and I look forward to putting that same experience to work for you in the United States Congress.  Now more than ever, we need proven, fresh conservative leadership in Washington.

In recent months, I have been honored to receive the endorsements of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, and Concerned Women for America PAC (CWAPAC). I hope to earn your support as well.

Again, special thanks to the RedState community for all you do!  Please visit our website at www.Huelskamp.org and follow me on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/TimHuelskamp


Tim Huelskamp