From Burning Effigies of Bush to the Clarity of "the" Burning Bush

From Burning Effigies of Bush to the Clarity of “the” Burning Bush
by Tim Gungoll

For over a year now President Obama and his Democratic super-majorities in Congress have possessed the freedom and the power to pass any law and exercise unrestrained authority over the American people.  They promised “change you can believe in” and the most open and transparent government that ever existed.  They promised to seat everyone at the negotiation table in the debate on health care and to televise the process on C-Span.  However, in possessing this great power, they forgot about their promises of openness, transparency, and bi-partisanship and became drunk with power; in doing so they overplayed their mandate.  They burned effigies of Bush and engaged in a partisan, closed, and corrupt process that rewarded those who got them elected and punished everyone else.  They created a “golden calf” in the name of universal health care and demanded that everyone fall down and worship before it.

Meanwhile, the American people lost faith in their vision.  The American people realized that the “golden calf” that is the health care bill is nothing but payoffs to those who gave them power. Instead of recognizing this, the Obamacrats hardened their hearts against the people and pressed forward without popular support.  The consequences are the great awakening that occurred today in the votes of the great people of Massachusetts.  Scott Brown climbed upon the forbidden mountain and brought his electorate with him.  With the clarity and force of the real burning bush they told him:  1)  Thou shall not place special interests before the American people 2)  Thou shall not place universal health care before economic recovery 3)  Thou shall not make back room deals to buy votes  4)  Thou shall not treat the people of one state differently than another state 5)  Thou shall not make membership in a union a prerequisite for preferential tax treatment 6)  Thou shall not focus on health care before the creation of more jobs 7)  Thou shall not raise taxes 8) Thou shall not increase the deficit and the debt 9)  Thou shall not increase energy costs by passing cap and trade and further slowing the economy; and 10)  Thou shall not fail to recognize that Islamic terrorists are bent on destroying us and that maintaining our national security is essential for the preservation of our freedom.

Yes, today Scott Brown and the People of Massachusetts came down from the forbidden mountain with a new mandate and a new set of commandments.  When they came down they discovered President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Ben Nelson, and Martha Chokely dancing around the “wanton image” that has become Obamacare.  They were drunk with power and engaging in every sort of sin and corruption.  Scott Brown and the People of Massachusetts threw their commandments down upon this wanton band of worshipers as they knelt before their false god and forbid any further action until their commandments were followed.  As the Democrats recover from the effects of the power orgy that has occurred in Washington since Obama took power, it remains to be seen whether their false images will be torn apart like the “golden calf” of old or they will attempt to again remake it in their own image regardless of the law.  Only two things are certain after this election:  first, if the Democrats do continue to press for bad laws against the will of the American people, their majorities will be lost.  And second, like Moses before him, Scott Brown and leaders like him will crush the Pharaohs of Washington who are attempting to enslave another one-sixth of our economy to government control and will eventually restore the temple treasuries to the American people.