Wisconsin Senators Receive Death Threats

A source working in the state Capitol in Madison has informed Useyourgraymatter.com about the sudden and immediate backlash that came as a result of yesterday’s vote by the Senate regarding a stripped-down budget repair Bill – without fiscal language – to limit collective bargaining for state employees.

Apparently, death threats are being leveled against senators voting in favor of the bill. That horrifies me.

Is this democracy? Is this a responsible use of free speech?

It’s shameful, very shameful that people would resort to threats of killing their elected officials because they didn’t approve of the way their senator voted.

One would think that we live in a rational and reasonable society where that no matter how wide the ideological divide may be between political parties, matters can be resolved without violence or threats of violence.

Those threatening to harm anyone — Democrat or Republican – should be investigated, and, if necessary, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The people of Wisconsin should not tolerate threats or acts of violence as a means to remove elected officials from office. The best way to remove elected officials from office is by voting them out.

Death threats and other threats of violence have no place in any kind of discourse – private or public.