Senator Kapanke Meets with Constituents in Viroqua

On Monday, State Sen. Dan Kapanke met with constituents in Viroqua, holding office hours from 8 AM to 9 AM at the Vernon County Courthouse. However, the meeting went until 11 AM — a full two hours after the scheduled time of conclusion.
I just got off the phone with one observer who was present at the meeting. I asked this observer what the mood was like at the Vernon County Courthouse. “Passionate is a nice way to put it,” said the observer.
In typical Kapanke-style, the senator allowed everyone to speak his or her mind. Jeers and pejorative comments didn’t seem to phase Kapanke on the outside. Despite the false accusations against Sen. Kapanke not taking the time to listen to his constituents, he let everyone be heard just as he always has.
There was an atmosphere of disrespect towards Sen. Kapanke and what he had to say. One person kept calling Kapanke, “Pinnochio,” and a liar. There were people who laughed at Kapanke’s explanation of Gov. Walker’s proposed budget plans, presumably because these people have bought into the propaganda put out by the Democratic Party Wisconsin and other liberal groups.
There was one woman standing very close to Kapanke with a sign saying “Recall Hanky-Kapanke.” When a Kapanke staffer asked the woman holding the sign to give the Senators some room, the staffer was pushed by the woman.
How’s that for civility?
Somehow I don’t think I’d be allowed to be that close at all to Rep. Ron Kind while holding a sign that protests the votes he has made in Congress. As a matter of fact, I know from experience that Kind’s campaign staff wouldn’t let me seek a comment from the representative for this blog.
Useyourgraymatter.com applauds Sen. Kapanke for standing up for his convictions and listening to the concerns of his constituents