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It’s been a tough couple of years for me, since the last election.  My view of this country, it’s voters, and it’s political process took a beating, and since then, hasn’t improved.  I have watched every scandal unfold over the last couple of years under things administration, and with each and every new revelation, I think: When is someone going to do something?

I mean, really do something.

We are the American people, all of us, from where ever we came from, whatever our lineage, born here, or not, this is our country, and, we are watching it be dismantled. Every freedom we cherish, and live for, every institution that made this country what it is, is being taken apart.

Piece by piece.

Now, mind you, we are not watching in silence.  Oh no, our voices are raised, our Twitter feeds are full of our opinions, our Facebook timelines decry all of the government excess.  Among our friends and confidantes, we pontificate, we expound, we point out the wrongs, the injustice. We sign online petitions, we vote in online polls.  We scream “how dare they!”  and “This is America, they can’t do that:”.  And yet they do, over, and over and over.  But, we raise our voices still louder.  They do it again.  Perhaps along with the raised voice, we pound our fist on a table, for emphasis, because “We aren’t going to stand for this!  This is Americaaaaaa”.  But yet, they still do it.

Just hashtag it already.

We shout “Where is the media on this?”  We all know where the media is.  The “media”, that feckless collection of sycophants who have sold  their souls to their agenda. They will never report on what is going on.  The major media in this country has Joseph Goebbels dancing with glee in his grave. His methods are back in use, 80 years later, with the same results.  The cold, hard truth is, well, no one knows what “truth” is anymore.  Our so called “politicians” are the other collection of spineless sycophants who have sold their souls for votes, or recognition, or their agenda.  None of them stand on any principal, unless that will get them someone’s vote.  Then they are all over it. Until they get re-elected, and then they conveniently forget their promise.  We have the “Conservative” media, such as it is.  Yes, there are people of integrity, those who wish to report facts, and tell it how it is, and not how they feel about it. Unfortunately, there are many so-called “conservative media” sites that indulge in the same lies, distortions, misrepresentations, and bias that the mainstream engages in.  These days it is very hard to tell what the truth is, and what is really going on.  I am convinced that there is not a single person of integrity, that I can trust in the mainstream, and very few in the “Conservative” media.  I watch the news sometimes, just to watch them deliver their pile of pony pucks with a straight face, in its own dark way, it’s entertaining.  Through all of this, we demand that the “media” get involved and start reporting.  Folks, they are reporting.  They are reporting exactly what they want you to hear, and see, according to the agenda they are following.

Inaction follows inaction.

All I see are words.  I don’t see any action.  We are like a group of people in a burning house, hoping someone picks up the fire hose and saves us all.  As far as every scandal that is plaguing this country.  Action needs to be taken, and not words.

But no one will.

The news media won’t because, well, because they are on the same side as the administration, and, quite frankly, they won’t be biting the hand that feeds them.
Our politicians won’t because the risk to their precious careers is too great. Not only that, they have no guts, or integrity.
The people? What about us.  What is our role in this farce?  Where are the patriots? Where are those that would lead us out from under this mess, and restore some sort of prestige back to this country’s name, and rectify some of the wrongs that have been committed?

The truth is, a police state is just around the corner.  We are standing on the cusp of it, and as we click the “send” button for every Tweet, or Facebook post, or other social media, while we watch out TV, listen to our music, and pound our fists about the injustice of all that is around us, we are being set up.  The rug, folks, is going to pulled out from under us. How, when, and where is anyone’s guess.  It is, however, going to happen.

Can it be stopped?  I don’t know, but then, that is up to us, isn’t it?

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