Election Year Craziness

As we come down to the wire in this election season. I have noticed something, and perhaps you have too:

Conspiracy theorists on both sides of this fracas have been working overtime.

Never in my life have I ever seen such a level of goofiness. On one hand, it’s entertaining, and yet, on another, it makes me wonder just what is going on in this world.

Through my Twitter feed,(I am new to the medium) after I foolishly followed anyone that claimed to be a “conservative”, I was reading everything from “Obama: Antichrist?” to “Romney Controlled by the Illuminati” much this stuff was posted by people that seemed to be, well, “normal”.  I know some of it was “retweets” but, unfortunately, when someone “retweets” something, you can’t tell if it’s being done because they believe to be true, think it’s silly and worth derision, or are doing because they can’t believe what they just read.

So far, according to things I had read that were linked in various tweets and retweets, we were supposed to have a summer of extremely high (7.00/gal) gas prices, followed by runaway inflation, which were going to lead to food riots in the inner cities, which would spread to general disorder, lasting well in to the fall. Cities would be overwhelmed by these rioters, that they would have to call on Federal assistance to contain the worst of it.  The near-nationwide drought was to cause massive shortfalls in foodstuffs, which would cause prices to skyrocket, and the rioting to spread to the “wealthier” suburbs, thereby causing the Obama Administration to institute Martial Law as a way of controlling the chaos, and thereby suspending the elections, and effectively making him “Dictator”.

Or, we were supposed to have a “false flag” operation, a mass shooting of some kind at an immigration rally, which would lead to rioting and general disorder. Another variation of the “Martial Law” scenario above.

There were several other scenarios I had seen bandied about on Twitter, most of which were linked back to websites where one had to wonder about the mental stability of the site’s creator.

From the other side, the scenarios were more off the wall. “Massive White Movement to Enact Slavery” was one such article I was directed to.  Another was “Romney and Ryan’s Nazi Past”.  Apparently, a heretofore unknown US Nazi group was going to assassinate Obama, and all of Congress and install Mitt Romney, who was their shadow leader, as “Aryan dictator”…….

It’s been so much craziness. I had to take a break from the politics for a couple of weeks back at the end of August.

Of course, the Eschatologists had to have their say as well.  The stories that were retweeted, and linked were no less lurid, and no less “shocky” for lack of a better word.  One site had a list of things that Obama had done in his tenure so far as president with the words “Prophecy fulfilled’ in huge, bold faced 24pt blood-red type next to each item in the list. (Of course, the list was rather sketchy, and full of spelling and grammar errors) but the upshot was that Obama’s presidency was the last link in the chain to the coming of the AntiChrist….  Other stories that were linked were much the same. (I am not well versed in Biblical Propehcy, only because I find it so full of symbolism that it’s hard for me to decipher,  and every “expert” in the subject has a different spin on the meanings)

But, the rioting, the martial law, the Muslim takeover hasn’t happened. (at least not yet).  Is there a “dark side” to this 2012 campaign? Yes, there is, and it is because of the man who is President.  He has shown himself to be untrustworthy, a liar, and clearly working against the interests of this country.  A personality like him, is only going to fuel the kind of conspiracies I was reading about.

How far off the mark are they?

Who knows.

Here’s to hoping, after Nov. 6th, we won’t have to find out.  I know this is not just another election.  But I wonder if all of the alarmism out there was either a bit premature, or a bit overdone. Or is it, in this electronic age, theories, or stories, or whatever, that would have barely seen the light of day 30 years ago, are more prevalent because they can be passed around with the click of a mouse?

Heck, I was so gripped by some of this stuff, that I even posted an “alarmist” diary here on RS, back in March.  I now wish I had never written it, because it sounds a tad foolish now.  (to me, anyway)

Things are tense going into these last two weeks, mainly because we are waiting for the “October Surprise” from the Obama campaign (My feeling is they really don’t have one….but, I could be wrong) that will attempt to derail the Romney campaign.  It is also tense because the race is so close, and many people cannot figure out for the life of them why such a dismal example of a President has so much support out there.  I have a family member who is voting for Obama, but can’t give a reason why other than “he saved our house”.  I have also taken and trimmed down my list of people I follow on Twitter, (many of whom are diarists here at RS) to include those who are level headed in their thinking, and not prone to tweeting much of the insanity that is out there.  I have also learned to take a closer look at many of the people that call themselves “conservative” on there.  If they are being followed by those I have come to trust, then, I will probably see what they are all about.

I don’t know what to think anymore.  But, what I do know, is I am going to vote for Romney on Nov 6th, and I am encouraging as many people as I can to do the same. It is the only way we can insure that the disaster that has been the last 4 years does not continue for four more.