Left wing Confidence, or is it Certainty?

Gas is 4.72 gallon at the station down the street.

The economy is still a mess

The country is on the brink of God only knows what,

And yet, Mr. Obama still garners 50% of the vote in just about any poll you hear about.  He is confident beyond anything I have seen in any other President.  His supporters (I live in Chicago, a bastion of Obama support) are posting suggestions for hotels to stay in for the Inauguration in January on internet forums, and Facebook.

He is confident he will be back. He even tells the Russian President he will have “more flexibility” after the election.

His supporters are very confident. I was talking to one just the other day.  “Obama is a shoo-in for President” She says. The attitude I get is one of confidence, but also, of certainty.  Many of the supporters who live in my neighborhood are acting as if he has already been reelected, they act as if the election is a mere formality.

The thing that bothers me more, is the few Republicans that I know around here, seem to have already accepted defeat.

Now, I am not a conspiracy theorist, a RonPaulian, I don’t read DebkaFile, or subscribe to PrisonPlanet. But, I am a student of history, and I have made a lifelong study of WWII, military, and political history.  I don’t like what I am seeing.  I don’t like what I am hearing.  There is a large number of people in country who are angry, and have had it with this Administration, his cronies, the media and the Liberal Left in general.

There is also a large number of people in this country who don’t care, don’t pay attention, and to whom the direction this country is going matters little.

It is my opinion, (so take it for what it’s worth) my gut feeling, that as we approach November, this country will have it’s “Reichstag Moment”.  The president just signed that Executive Order that, from my understanding, gives him the power to impose martial law. Now, I will claim ignorance to most of it’s content, so I may be misunderstanding this on some level as well. But, from what I am seeing, hearing and reading, it would seem that such a thing could happen, and if it did, probably about early to mid-October I would think.

What would it be?  I don’t know, use your imagination.  Something that would allow Mr. Obama to impose martial law, suspend the election, and make himself de facto dictator.

Why do I say this?

The Left has NEVER been this close to absolute power.  To think they will surrender it in an election, and acquiesce to the wishes of the American people is in my mind, a bit of a stretch.

Many of the fringe groups on left are becoming aggressive, and harsh in their rhetoric. More so than I have ever seen in my life.

When one is in the areas where Obama support is strong, one gets the feeling some of the these people know what is coming, and that they have nothing to worry about.

On the flipside to that, most Americans are sitting on their hands, not paying attention to the details, and relying too much on network news to get their information.  The Black Panthers put a 1 million dollar bounty on the head of George Zimmerman, and no one says anything.  Not the media, the President, the Governor of Florida, or the Attorney General.  No one speaks out.  I hear about the “outrage” of the American people.  Where I am at, there is no “outrage”. I see either fervent Democrat support, or Republican pusillanimity. Bill Maher, and his like-minded media types spew hatred, nastiness, obscenity across the airwaves, and yet no one says a word.  No action is taken, and the protests from people on the right, regardless of how loud, are ignored, and by that ignorance, silenced.

I hear about how the Left is more organized, how they move in lockstep, and support one another for “The Cause”.  I hear about how strong conservatives are, but how conservative activists are not organized, not in lockstep, and do not support one anothe for “The Cause”.  I see overly aggressive, bullying leftists occupying State Houses, parks, and whole city blocks. I see a handful of conservative protesters.  When do we organize? When do we fight?

The fight is coming.  They are bringing it to us whether we want it or not.  We can’t cower from it. We can’t wish it away.  The aggressor sets the rules.  The Left is the aggressor.  We need to meet them on their terms.  It has come this far.  I have seen it play out in history in the past.  I have seen the warning signs from the history books for years. It’s inevitable. It’s coming.

November is not going to be pretty.  It’s going to be a street fight Literal? Figurative?  I can’t tell right now, but, it is going to be ugly, uglier than anything we have seen prior.   Call me negative, call me cynical, call me a right-wing-RonPaulian-DebkaFile reading-conspiracy theorist- nut job, if it makes you feel better.  I am none of those.

I believe:

In the American people
We live in the greatest country ever.
I have deep love for my nation, and it’s institutions.
I believe our values are a force for good
I believe in one, true, holy God and our Savior
I believe we can overcome the evil that confronts this nation.

I also believe, that at some point, it is going to take more than ballots to defeat this evil.  A call to arms? No. It is a call to wake up and pay attention, to be vigilant and aware, and to stand up, and be counted.