Bridgewater Momentum

Bridgewater Momentum
By hollyonthehill
Bridgewater Momentum

Senate candidate Tim Bridgewater seems to be picking up steam in Utah’s Senate race. With three months still to go until convention, Bridgewater is well-positioned in the crowd.

He is doing well at the debates, using humor frequently and coming across as comfortable, relaxed and confident. He is also creating buzz, with his fundraising (over a quarter of a million dollars), and growing grassroots network, headed by some key volunteers from the Chaffetz campaign. (Interestingly, the Chaffetz camp has split among Bridgewater, Eagar and Lee as the most likely to be able to take out Senator Bennett.)

He has also taken the high road when it comes to the other candidates in the race. His focus is on Bob Bennett, not the other three Republican contenders, earning him a growing respect among delegates.

He has support from a number of legislators on Utah’s Capitol Hill who are impressed with the professionalism he brings to the campaign.

As he announced his official entry into the race, he kicked off a “29 Counties in 29 Days” tour that was well-received. He plans to do another soon and is now in the middle of going to Lincoln Day dinners across the state. He is one of the potential candidates that Club for Growth is eyeing in their “Anybody but Bennett” campaign. In fact, Club for Growth had a booth at the Utah County Lincoln Day dinner on Saturday, their first open display aimed at GOP faithful.

Bridgewater has been considered the dark horse in the race but with his steady approach to this campaign, he may end up doing very well come May 8th. Certainly, the race is a fun one to watch.