Last week of Freedom.

Cross-posted at personal Website.

I am convinced that President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid represent the political version of an “axis of evil” in Washington. As we haven’t seen a political assault on our Constitutional freedoms in America like we are witnessing now, since the New Deal was enacted in the 1930’s.

With a final showdown on health care looming in the week to come, we could be living in the last week of Capitalistic Freedom in America. That scares the living daylights out of me.

431 Representatives will be deciding the future of 300 million American citizens this weekend, doesn’t that scare the hell out of you? We have a few more precious days to contact our Representatives, and to remind them of our Founders and our Founding documents.

It doesn’t matter what form of political action you choose to use in the coming days. Whether it be a national protest in Washington, millions of phone calls to the House switchboard (melt those lines), or personal meetings with your House Representatives, over the phone or otherwise, action must be taken.

This is it. America’s health care battle is at it’s final climax, are we going to end this theatrical drama as a Republic or as a Regime? Our future has not been written, we have time to seek political revenge, and we have a chance to redeem ourselves for electing such slime into Congress in the first place.

Republicans could repeal the legislation in a few years, however, I seem to remember Republican attempts to eliminate the Department of Education have failed several times over the past three decades. Are we willing to risk our future on the difficult task of repealing federal legislation?

I hope not. We need to be willing to fight one more time for liberty, one more time for our Constitution, one more time for our Founders, and we need to fight one more time to extend precious freedoms to all generations that follow us, instead of our looming deadline of just one more week of freedom.

God Bless America.