Please check out Rev. Michel Faulkner (Republican) p.s. he's running against Charlie Rangel this fall!

As I was reading through my favorite sites today, I came across the very compelling story of the Rev. Michel Faulkner.  He is running against Charlie Rangel this fall, and something tells me that he may just have the right stuff to knock Prince Charlie right off his throne and into retirement either in the Dominican Republic or in a more appropriate jail cell.

His story is quite impressive, and he’s overcome some pretty tough odds to end up where he is today; a successful, conservative Pastor in a city that’s anything but.  I was impressed enough with his bio that I’ve already made a contribution to his campaign.  I don’t usually make such hasty contributions, but I did in his case because not only is he the right man for the job, he’s a conservative American of African descent who could really help us make some important inroads.  Check out his campaign site, and you’ll see what I mean.