After 5:00 Rallies (or fighting fire with fire)

One thing that has become abundantly clear to this hard working American conservative is that the public loves the theatrics of a good protest.  This method works to bring “real change”, just ask el Senator McCain.  While it’s true that we who actually get up in the morning, slam down some coffee, kiss the spouse and willingly head out the door to make the widgets that make the world go round have little time to be Sharpton or Jackson-esque in our approach to the reform of government through protests during the day; it has become abundantly clear that it is incumbent for us to do so after whipping out said widgets in the P.M..  Whew!  That was a long a$$ sentence!


While we may not have the practice of the protest down to a fine art as the Justice Brothers do, I think it’s high time we work on our learners’ permits.  This cirque du mort in Washington must be told that their clowns are not funny, that their theatrics are scaring the living bat snot out of us, and that we don’t want their shows coming anywhere near our towns, states, or regions on a permanent basis.  Besides that, their main attraction is full of braying asses that stink up the joint with stinky dung heaps and kick you in the daddy parts any chance they get.  That’s where the After 5:00 Rallies will come in.


What I’m suggesting should now happen nationwide are orchestrated, peaceful conservative protests in every town that can muster a freedom regiment on a minute’s notice.  Instead of smashing windows, burning cars and clashing with police as the leftist nutjobs do, I suggest we incorporate cleaning up the areas we protest in to be in better shape than before we arrived.  Anarchists, racists and other plain loons will not be allowed.  Activities such as cleaning ditches or painting over graffiti should be embraced.  In this way, we can build a secondary message that when we are put back in charge, the path towards freedom is going to be cleaned up and disinfected with Clorox and a Brillo pad.


We can utilize the power of the internet and one of our greatest assets talk radio to spread the word of specific protests in specific towns on specific days.  Well organized rallies should be able to crank out large numbers as we tap in to our collective psyches that shout collectives are like Jones brand Kool Aid.  While it’s true that the national drive-by media will ignore us, we can flank their obfuscation by gunning for the local media outlets’ attentions.  This, in fact, is a crucial central goal.  Media is much more receptive on the local level, because they’re usually begging for relevant and exciting news to report.  If they report it with an overtly liberal bias, it is much easier to exert pressure on them to report real facts.  Two hundred angry complainers to a local station is infinitely more powerful than two thousand angry callers to a national network.  Both media groups may well be dominated by lib reporters, but only the local media can have their daily jobs turned into a living hell.  Keep the pressure on, it works for Alinski’s radicals, it can work for us too.


By flanking the drive-by national media, we can further relegate them to the status of buggy whips after the dawning of Ford’s assembly line.  They need to pay several pounds of flesh back to every one of us, and the best way to do that is to speed along their shrinking relevance.  I want my grandkids that I will have someday to ask me “Grandpa, what was NBC?” (ditto MSNBC, CNN, CBS, Time, Newsspeak err., Newsweek, etc. etc.).


Reject the arguments that will undoubtedly come your way about conservative protests from fellow conservatives.  The “conservatives don’t protest”, or “we’ve never done those kinds of things before” arguments need to be relegated to the ash heaps of history.  One man can make a difference, but a huge crowd makes a statement.  Join me brothers and sisters!  America is too precious a treasure to just cast aside like a used condom, especially a free slightly used condom from the “stimulus”, I mean stealfromus spending program.  Our freedoms are now imperiled and our brave fallen cry out “AVENGE US, WE DID NOT DIE IN VAIN TO SEE YOU PISS OUR RIGHTS AWAY!!!”  When I’m standing in front of my maker some day and he asks me what I did to stop the destruction of his divinely inspired America, I want to tell him that I fought with every fiber of my constitutionally protected rights to do right by him.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!