I like Bluegrass banjo music.

Who cares, and what’s this all about?  What does a personal affinity for banjo and fiddle hick music have to do with anything RedState stands for or deems appropriate topic-wise you ask?  PLENTY!

You see, I plan to be a thorn in the backside of every Rock and Roll, R & B, Hip Hop and Rap station in my area after they implement the localism requirement.  I hope you will strongly consider doing the same in your area.  They may be able to set the rules for now, but we have the pain in the ass ability to hold them to their own standards.

So, if you love a Tiny Tim version of ‘Tip-Toe Through The Tulips’, and want to hear it everyday on your local Rap station, make sure your voice is heard by using all means necessary.  If you think Dolly’s ‘Coat Of Many Colors’ song should be heard everyday on your classic rock station, assert the new diversity standards The One sets forth on stone tablets to guide you towards success.  

If these folks want to play fast and loose with the First Amendment, then it’s going to have to cut  both ways.  Incidentally, I really do love Bluegrass banjo music, and I plan on making every other soul listen to it too if this localism bull$#!t goes through.