An open letter to Michael Steele

First sir, congratulations on your winning the chairmanship of our R N C.  I’m excited to see our party led by someone who doesn’t mind ruffling feathers to do what needs to be done.  I’ve seen you mix it up when you’ve sat in for Hannity before.  This skill will do you well on the hard road ahead of us.  

Now, a bit of friendly advice, any Republican that votes for this stimulus abomination needs to have ALL RNC campaign funds taken away and they need to be primaried with assistance to their Republican adversaries.  If Senators Specter, Snowe, and Collins want to become Democrats, let them go; good riddance to bad rubbish.  We need to stand for bold colors not pale pastels.

When we waste money protecting these liberal North Eastern senators, we not only do our party a disservice, but America as well.  I consider it an unpardonable travesty that otherwise red states could be represented by even one Democrat senator.  How is it that Montana and North Dakota have two?

We could let these North Eastern rinos go and still gain a majority by fighting tooth and nail to gain hegemony in our conservative heartland.  We don’t need North Eastern liberals in our party.  Let them go to those they have a strong affinity for.

Note to Senator Specter- we in Kansas are not proud of the fact that you grew up here.  Maybe some adventurous youth will tear down the sign in Russell that boasts you grew up there.  You suck!