Senate Strategy: Pressure the red state Ds

In my historical understanding of the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the last emperor Romulus Augustus was deposed by the barbarian Odoacer in 476 because of some very specific reasons.  While lead poisoning and moral depravity no doubt contributed, the main factor was prima facie.  The Romans had invited too many barbarians into their lands.

While this analogy isn’t perfect by any stretch, the leftist Democrats in control of this country have done roughly the same thing.  In order to achieve numerical superiority, they have invited many conservative leaning blue dogs into both houses with their superior campaign support.   Why elected Republicans haven’t made better use out of coalitions with blue dogs is beyond me.  

What isn’t beyond me is this; I know for a fact that intense pressure can be placed on elected Democrats in red states and districts.  I’m not bragging, but I was thanked by my new Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins for the well timed letters to the editor against our former Democrat Rep. Nancy Boyda.  Boyda changed her tune on oil exploration after a zinger of a letter in August.  Other letter writers were effective at ensuring she voted against the first bailout.  She lost, but she was pressured into doing the right things toward the end anyway.

The following is a list of what I believe are vulnerable Democrat Senators.  I’m not listing them because they are blue dogs, I am including them because they come from what I consider right leaning states or states with significant conservative minorities.

Kent Conrad – North Dakota

Byron Dorgan – North Dakota

Mark Begich – Alaska

Blanche Lincoln – Arkansas

Mark Pryor – Arkansas

Michael Bennet – Colorado

Mark Udall – Colorado

Tom Harkin – Iowa

Mary Landrieu – Louisiana

Clair McCaskill – Missouri

Max Baucus – Montana

John Tester – Montana

Ben Nelson – Nebraska

Tim Johnson – South Dakota

Jim Webb – Virginia

Mark Warner – Virginia

Kay Hagan – North Carolina


In my mind there are at least 17 Democrats from red to fairly red states that need to have the vice tightened down on them with letters to the editor.  If you live in one of these states, it is your sacred duty to write a well defined and forceful letter to the editor, especially if you live in one of the larger cities or the capital of your state as I do.  DON’T SHIRK THIS!!!   Just do it.

If you are unlucky enough to have a rino that wishes he/she was an ass, do the same thing only more tersely.  They need to worry about their electoral futures, so it’s no time to be nice.  To keep them from gaining cloture, I figure that we need at least half of the aforementioned Senators to become mavericks to overcome our own maverick problems.  If they’re for this garbage, they need to suffer many lost nights’ sleep worrying about their careless future decision.  Our nation is depending on you!  

If you’re not from one of these states but know someone who is, CONTACT THEM!  Don’t think twice, call them ASAP.  If anyone needs help writing something up, I’d love to help you.  We must never surrender or go quietly into the great night.  Our ancestors would shun us and our progeny will spit on our unkempt graves if we sit back and do nothing.