Proud as punch of my well versed 12 year old conservative son.

With all of the uncertainty out there right now, I thought I’d write a short brag, err, diary about my son Adam. I’m writing it to lighten your day a bit and give you something positive to combat the negative. There are some great upcoming conservatives out there!

My mother-in-law is a nice person as long as politics aren’t discussed. To set the table here a bit, I know better than to discuss them around her, and she knows better than to discuss them around me. She is a bleeding heart liberal and I’m somewhere right of Reagan.

When she came to visit yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed home while she took my wife and son out to eat. When she went home later, I thought, wow, that went fairly well for once. I thought that until Adam told me what transpired when they were out.

It seems my mother-in-law tried to take advantage of my absence to preach the benefits of voting for Barry Obama with my son. I’ll have you know that Adam wasn’t having any of it, and he handed it right back to her as to why Obama would be a terrible choice and McCain was clearly the better selection.

As I wasn’t there, the following conservative responses by my 12 year old are here presented in no particular order.

Grandma- “Sarah Palin isn’t qualified to be Vice-President, she doesn’t have the experience.”

Adam- “Governor Palin has more experience running a government than Senator McCain, Senator Obama, and Senator Biden put together. All they’ve done is vote. She’s had to make decisions.

Grandma- “John McCain is too old to be President.”

Adam – “John McCain has about 30 years more experience than Obama, and he’s given us more information about his life. Obama hides information about his.”

Adam (on the attack)- “Did you know that Obama is friends with a terrorist?”

Grandma- “Do you think that make Obama a terrorist too?”

Adam- “No, but it’s scary that he sees no problem with having a terrorist for a friend.”

Grandma- “He was only 8 years old when that happened.”

Adam- “What does that have to do with the fact that he’s friends with a terrorist?”

Adam- (On the attack again)- ” Did you know that he supports a guy in Kenya named Odinga who lost his election and then had his supporters riot and burn churches and kill over a thousand people?”

Grandma (surprised)- “No, where did you get that information?”

Adam- “My Dad told me about it yesterday.”

Grandma- “Your Dad is trying to convince you that Obama is a bad guy.”

Adam- “No, I made that decision by myself, and I hope he’s not elected.”

Again, I am proud as punch of my twelve year old. He had the courage to go toe to toe with his Grandma and do so both respectfully and effectively. He seemed pretty concerned that what he said didn’t seem to have any effect on Grandma’s opinions, but I told him to get used to it because with people like her you could show them video proof they had committed a crime and it wouldn’t make any difference. I pray that millions of others out there are guiding their children toward understanding the tricks of the left and to stand up for their beliefs and not be fooled or scared. Anyway, I hope this helped if you’re having a bad day.