The Running Game of Congressman Shuler

Congressman Heath Shuler is running for office, while running from debates at the same time…that is quite an act!

Richard Bernier of Space Mountain Productions was the latest person to ask…then chase Shuler…only to see the Congressman get into a black SUV and drive away.

See it for yourself:

Call and ask why won’t he debate?

Why is he afraid to face Carl Mumpower and Keith Smith?

After all, these men (as far as I know) aren’t like the men of his NFL days who intercepted his passes and chased him down in the backfield and sacked him…

Here are a few numbers to reach his staff while he is busy running away…

(828) 348-0414
(828) 252-1651
(202) 225-6401 (in case he runs all the way back to Washington, DC!)


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