Carl Mumpower: On The Road Again

Controversial Congressional Candidate Carl Mumpower recently suspended his campaign to make sure he had the support of the majority of the party leaders in the 11th Congressional District in western North Carolina.

I have covered it extensively on my local and state issues blog. And here is a taste of how the local TV station covered it:

Here is the latest from Richard Bernier, the producer of a local TV Show called Sound Off Buncombe, which airs on URTV. He filmed this as they were returning from the grand opening of a local county GOP Headquarters in Swain County:

This is a two video playlist.

Candidate Website

Carl Mumpower is running against freshman Congressman Heath Shuler, who moved back to North Carolina to run for the seat at the request of the national Democrat Party. Both Bill Clinton and John Edwards, of National Enquirer fame, claim credit for talking him into the move.