Obama- same as Chavez

Listening to Obama sounds just like Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez. My father in law lives in Venezuela and is here visiting now and watching our election process. He says that when Chavez was originally trying to get elected, he said some of the same things Obama is saying and now look at what he is doing to that country. I can speak from experience. This country does not want a socialist president!!!My father in law has worked his whole life to own his own farm. When Chavez came to power, he started allowing the poor people to take over other people’s farms (most people do not realize this. It is not in the news). This happened to him. Now he travels once a week to Caracus to talk with the Gov’t trying to get them to pay him for his farm. They refuse to do it. So he has lost everything he has ever worked for. The american people do not want this to happen. But just like the Venezuelan people, it will be too late to do anything about it after November 4. Notice, You have never heard Obama say anything negative about Chavez. He just says he will talk with him. Wake up America!!!!

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