Politicizing a Tragedy

It hasn’t quite been 24 hours since a white gunman, allegedly motivated by a racist ideology, walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC, and shot dead 9 people, and, already, President Obama, as well as several other prominent democrats, have seized upon the tragedy and politicized it by using it to push their anti-gun agenda. Ironically, this is the same crowd that doesn’t necessarily like guns; it’s that they don’t like people who like guns.


Over the past few years, this same group of democrats have decried attempts to ensure that only citizens are able to cast a ballot. According to Obama, and numerous others on the left, even the simple act of obtaining a state issued driver’s license, or identification card, goes too far. Per their argument, it places an undue burden on impoverished individuals and, accordingly, the minimal cost of obtaining such proof all but ensures that minorities are banned from the polling booth. Considering their concern regarding such burdens, one would think that it’s fairly hypocritical of this same group of leftists to push an equally undue burden on citizens wishing to participate in their second amendment rights.


Democrats, while being against the idea of requiring identification to cast a ballot on Election Day, advocate requiring individuals, not only to obtain a “Handgun Safety Certificate”, but also to undergo a background check, attend a firearms safety course, and register their firearms. And all of this comes at a great cost to citizens; usually in the hundreds of dollars, which is far more than the average $20 to obtain a state issued identification card. Hypocritical? Absolutely!


What happened yesterday was a tragedy. But it’s important to remember that the act was perpetrated by a single individual. Allowing democrats to politicize the event to push their hypocritical, anti-gun agenda must not be allowed. Call them out on it! Show them their hypocrisy!

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