Gun Toting Democrats and their Republican Boogeyman

When it comes to 2nd amendment proponents and, especially, those pesky NRA members, one might conjure up the image of a paranoid, toothless, white male, gun-toting redneck, patrolling the Southern backwoods with an AR-15 in each hand, and another strapped to his back. At least, that’s the image democrats have tried hard to get you to envision as they have done their best to portray America’s gun problem as the fault of ignorant republicans and their NRA allies. Therefore, you might be surprised to learn that, statistically speaking, it’s far more likely that the problem isn’t gun-toting republicans: it’s gun-toting democrats!  The Hell I say? Hear me out for a minute.


To understand the issue better, it’s important to begin by understanding the definition of “America’s gun problem”, and its relationship to other issues. To many people’s surprise, America’s gun problem isn’t related to hunters, or weekend target plinkers. It’s not even related to those few of us who are fortunate enough to legally carry a concealed weapon as, according to stopconcealedcarry.org, only 508 people have been shot in the last five years by persons legally carrying a concealed handgun (no information provided as to how justified those shootings were, but that’s not really relevant at the moment). “America’s gun problem” is more attributed to the sum of the violence caused by America’s gang members and drug dealers (often, one and the same as drug transactions account for a majority of a gang’s revenue).


Now, let’s move onto another related issue: voter demographics. As democrats proudly proclaim as often as they can, the Democratic Party overwhelmingly carries the Latino and African-American vote. According to CNN, during the 2012 election, President Obama won the vote of “93% of African-Americans, 71% of Hispanics and 73% of Asians”. Those are pretty sizeable numbers! To boot, the Christian Science Monitor (not exactly a left-leaning news provider) also supports those facts, so we will safely assume that those statistics are fairly accurate. Additionally, I’ll point out that Obama won 39% of the votes cast by white voters. Now, how do these numbers play into guns, gangs, drugs, and violence? Well, let’s next turn our attention to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as a few others, for a bit more insight.


According to the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment report, there are approximately 1.4 million total, active gang members in the United States. Of those active gang members, the National Gang Center provides the following demographic breakdown:


1)      46% of total membership is Hispanic

2)      35% of total membership is African-American

3)      11% of total membership is white

4)      7% of total membership is “other”

*fractions of percentages omitted


In other words, Hispanics and African-Americans make up a combined total of 81% of nationwide gang membership.


Last, we’ll focus our attention onto another vital component: gun violence. Without a doubt, mass shootings garner a lot of media attention, and tugs on the emotional strings of Americans everywhere. In fact, nothing gets a left-leaning media pundit more hyped up, and calling for more gun control, than “another mass shooting”. To be sure, mass shootings always bring about the finest democrats this country has to offer, and provides them another opportunity to wag their finger as those “crazy, gun-loving republicans and their pals at the NRA”. But here’s a fact provided to us by Mother Jones: since 1982, mass shootings have accounted for 1,056 shooting victims of which, 549 of those victims were killed. To put that number into perspective, The Wall Street Journal maintains a comprehensive “Murder in America” database, and reports that there were 9,601 firearm-related homicides in 2010 alone (the latest year for which data is available). You read that right and, no, your eyes are not deceiving you. There were over 17 times the number of gun-related deaths in a single year, than the sum of ALL of the mass shootings in a 32 year period. So what gives? The simple answer, statistically speaking: gun-toting democrats are what gives.


According to The Wall Street Journal, of the 9,601 gun-related homicides in 2010, 4,659 of those pulling the trigger were African-American, and another 849 were Hispanic. White (non-Hispanic) accounted for 2,467, and Asian/Pacific Islander, 90. Let’s do a quick breakdown of these figures, comparing these to voter demographics:


  1. Of the 6,216 gun-related homicides reported in 2010:
    1. 5,965 of those homicides were carried out by a suspect likely to vote Democrat.
    2. 3,636 of those homicides were carried out by a suspect likely to vote Republican.


Now, you might be asking how I arrived at those figures, and that’s a fair question:


I took the sum of the homicides for each ethnic group, and multiplied it by the percentage each ethnic group voted for Obama during the 2012 Presidential Election:


  1. African-American: 93% of 6,216 homicides, totaling 4,333
  2. Hispanic: 71% of 1,357 homicides, totaling 603
  3. Asian: 73% of 193 homicides, totaling 66
  4. White: 39% of 2,467 homicides, totaling 963


Is that quick and dirty math? Maybe, and the margin of error is probably high. But I’m also willing to bet that the margin of error isn’t THAT high, either. At least, not high enough to swing the pendulum back towards the majority of the shooters being a likely Republican voter. Now, a democrat would probably try to argue it THIS way. Using African-American as a sample ethnic group:


1)      In 2010, there were 65,700,000 African-Americans in the United States. Therefore, 61,101,000 of those are likely to vote for a Democrat, while 4,606,000 are likely to vote for a Republican. It is that latter group which is responsible for the majority of the 6,216 homicides where the responsible party was African-American.


Since law enforcement does not collect data related to a suspect’s political party affiliation, no definitive data exists to support either my argument, or my hypothetical democratic argument. In fact, it would probably take an Economist to develop a fairly complex model, in order to arrive at a more definitive conclusion. But suffice it to say, I’m probably not that far off the mark. At least, that’s what my gut tells me, and here are some reasons why:


Of the top 10 states with the highest number of gun-related homicides, 6 of those states were solid “blue” states. Here’s the top 10:


1)      California (1,369) – blue

2)      Texas (913) – red

3)      New York (522) – blue

4)      Pennsylvania (493) – blue

5)      Michigan (443) – blue

6)      Georgia (409) – red

7)      Louisiana (397) – red

8)      Illinois (382) – blue

9)      Maryland (312) – blue

10)   North Carolina (299) – red


You can also view those numbers from different angles. Of the top 10 states with the highest number of gun-related homicides:


1)      Blue states accounted for 3,521 homicides, versus the Red state’s 2,018.

2)      Blue states have a 75% higher instance of gun-related homicides than red states!

3)      Another way to put it: nearly a third of the nation’s gun-related homicides occurred in Blue states.


Now, before the democrats cry foul and ask for a nationwide count, I’ve done that as well and, not to my surprise, here are the results:


1)      Blue states: 5,024 gun-related homicides

2)      Red States: 4,577 gun-related homicides


Facts such as these can be cited all day long and one thing is for certain: democratic strongholds tend to have greater numbers of gun-related homicide which, presumably, can only translate to this: that gun-toting, toothless, redneck, Republican boogeyman that the democrats want the country to be scared of is, in fact, a myth! It’s far more likely that the REAL threat is a left-leaning, inner-city, drug dealing, street terrorist, armed to the tooth and ready to kill anyone, for any reason-even his own sister over the accidental bleaching of his clothing.


Now, you may have noticed that, whenever possible, I’ve tried to use stats and facts provided by anti-gun, left-leaning, or neutral sources. Why? Because it’s much more difficult for a democrat to dispute figures that are provided by like-minded, allied sources. So the next time your democratic Representative or Senator lays blame on Republicans for America’s gun problem, throw this at them and call their bluff! Turn the tables on them, and gleefully watch as they try to dispute that the threat almost certainly comes from those within their own voter rolls.