A Solution to California's Unemployment Problem

Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law granting illegal aliens the ability to obtain driver’s licenses. Afterward, it occurred to me that this presents a fantastic solution to California’s unemployment problem: find a company that you like, and then pick a position that you think no current employee wants. Perhaps working in the warehouse? Whether an open position exists or not is completely irrelevant, so don’t worry about pesky formalities like searching the company’s “Open Careers” webpage!


Now, instead of going through all the bologna related to applying for the position, interviewing for the position, or even proving your qualifications for the position, simply start showing up for work each and every day! We will call these people “undocumented employees” or, better yet, “employees without documents”.


At first, you will not be receiving a paycheck or any other benefits however, after a short period of time, you can begin arguing to upper management that you are entitled to the same pay and benefits offered to regular employees, because you “work hard” and “contribute greatly to the company”, and that upper management should allow you to “come out of the shadows”. You can even begin forming grass roots organizations to help your cause and to assist you in lobbying for “privileges and benefits afforded to regular employees”!


Voila! My totally liberal, totally ridiculous, totally plausible plan to getting everyone back to work!