Insanity: The Liberal Approach

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In California, the push is once again on to do “something” about gun violence. After a shooting rampage in Santa Monica that left numerous people dead, it is now widely reported that the suspect was carrying close to 1,300 rounds of ammunition, and close to 40 so-called “high capacity” magazines. In the wake of this massacre, the state’s liberal lawmakers are at it again, proposing all sorts of ludicrous laws to stem the violence.


Last evening, George Skelton, a Sacramento-based political columnist for the Los Angeles Times, posted an op-ed encouraging our state’s lawmakers to push for a law requiring background checks for persons wishing to buy ammunition. But once again, our lawmakers are ignoring the facts. First off, let’s examine the shooting:

1)      The shooting occurred in a federal “Gun Free Zone”

2)      A few years ago, the shooter attempted to purchase a rifle and was rejected by the DOJ

3)      The shooter was carrying 40, outlawed, “high capacity” magazines

4)      As noted by Mr. Skelton, the shooter circumvented state law by building his rifle out of miscellaneous parts

5)      The shooter killed numerous people

6)      The shooter carjacked a woman and held her captive (kidnapping)


All of the above are felonies with some carrying the possibility of death by lethal injection. If these laws were not enough to protect the victims, why would anyone think that a background check on the purchase of ammunition would fare any better?


Unfortunately, the lesson that we keep learning is that, in the words of Chris Rock, “you can’t do anything about crazy”, and the liberals are the whackiest of them all. The very definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result. The liberals try, over and over again, to solve gun violence by responding to it with more gun control laws. Clearly, their approach is failing miserably. How about we put their crazy-based laws aside, and try it Arizona-style? Eliminate the need for a CCW permit, and start allowing responsible adults to carry. Let’s try that out for a little while and see if the results are any better!


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