Why the Tea Party should endorse Ron Paul in 2012 [comments closed]

There is no debating that the Tea Party has had an enormous effect on the political landscape since its first rally in February of 2009. With the Democrat take-over of Congress in 2006 and the election of Barack Obama in 2008, we suffered a one-two punch that many believed would end in the K.O of conservative influence in America. Enter the Tea Party.

Two years ago there was no telling how this nascent movement would impact government. We were merely a mash up of conservative groups and individuals that ran the spectrum from democrat to republican and everything in between. Without a formerly stated agenda and without leadership, the Tea Party burst on to the scene with calls for reduced government spending, lower taxes and more individual liberty . It was a rally cry that shook a nation and united a people. From small, local groups who attended town halls and forced their representatives to address the tough issues, to an historic gathering at the Lincoln Memorial on 8/28/2010 and ultimately to a record mid-term election victory, the Tea Party became arguably the most powerful group of citizens amassed in decades.

While we were busy working to reverse Obama’s “Fundamental transformation” of America, the pundits were equally busy looking for ways to stop us. Accusations of racism, violence and extremism were leveled against us. The lack of evidence quickly put those claims to rest. The Tea Party was clearly not any of those things. No, as a movement we were anything but. We were families, moms and dads, children, grandparents, friends and neighbors. We were rich and poor, working and unemployed. Tea Party rally attendance ranged in age, color, sex and background, but we were united in our love of freedom as our Founders prescribed it in the Constitution.

Coming off of our tremendous victories relatively unscathed, we must now look to our future both as a movement and a country. There is another election, perhaps the most important of our lives, on the horizon. This election will seal our nation’s fate for decades to come. Will we go the route of the failed states of Europe by allowing President Obama another four years or will we once again rally and support a candidate who will restore our founding principles to ensure a prosperous future?

In order to win, we need to support a candidate who has been consistently on the side of Constitution. We need to support someone who is passionate about liberty; someone who articulates that passion with ease and clarity; someone who appeals to a wide audience which includes classic liberals, independents, libertarians and conservatives; someone with experience in the private and the public sectors. Finally, someone who has a revolutionary ground game that can be used to rally the support and money needed to win in 2012. While there are many good potential candidates for the Republican nomination, only one fits that description perfectly – Ron Paul.

Congressman Paul has never wavered from the values that have made this country great. His voting record can be traced clear through to the Constitution. Both his domestic and his foreign policies most nearly emulate that of our Founders. One could examine his record on taxes, spending, defense, entitlements, war, treaties, or social issues and would find a man who believes in what he says and proves it on the floor of congress week in and week out. In 1998, the American Journal of Political Science published a study which reported that Paul had the most conservative voting record since 1937.

Ron Paul is often a lone dissenter, a “maverick” if you will, in an ever-growing crop of big government conservatives. While others in the republican field are grappling to claim the mantle of the “Reagan Conservative”, Dr. Paul has firm claim to that of the “George Washington Conservative”- a title to which we can be certain Reagan himself aspired.

As a movement that clings to America’s original passion for liberty, we cannot afford to ignore him. Congressman Paul is the only potential candidate who has never shied away from citing our founders and did so with an apparent and deep understanding of their words and deeds. He is a student of history and an inspiring teacher of it as well.

This country has never needed an ideological purist with wide ranging support like Ron Paul more than it does right now. While his political experience and record are praiseworthy, and his military service in the United States Air Force was honorable, he also spent years as a highly respected medical doctor. He has special insight into the current healthcare debate and unique free-market solutions that others have been too timid to promote. He is a firm believer in the Austrian school of economics which has produced such free-market titans as F.A Hayek and Milton Friedman.

If the Tea Party is looking for a standard-bearer who not only listens to and understands the people, but can lead and speak with us, we need look no further. Our champion for Constitutional values has arrived. While there are even members of the conservative bloc who are prone to bend the Constitution every now and then, Congressman Paul has not and writes this in his NYT Best Selling book, The Revolution, “A ‘living’ Constitution is just the thing that any government would be delighted to have, for whenever the people complain that their Constitution has been violated, the government can trot out its judges to inform the people that they’ve simply misunderstood: the Constitution you see has merely evolved with the times.”; a refreshing statement in an age that seems to be straining to resuscitate the “living” Constitution.

Fellow Tea Partiers, fellow Americans, we only have one shot at this. In past elections we have gone with the safer candidate or the best looking or most well-spoken. We’ve gone with the candidate who has promised us the world or the candidate that has taken the hardest line on our foreign “enemies”. It is now time that we support the candidate that will just leave us alone; the candidate that will remove the federal government from our homes and our thoughts and our wallets. One that will tirelessly defend the Constitution and will never waiver or bend to special interests. It is time that we endorse Congressman Ron Paul for President in 2012.