I Choose To Fight For Pence, Just As He Has Fought For Me

Mike Pence is one of our finest Conservatives serving in office.  I have chosen to fight for him, by urging everyone to go to www.TheConservativeChampion.org to sign the Declaration cheering him on to enter this most crucial Presidential race, because I BELIEVE that America is facing a moment of Supreme Crisis.  Need you look anymore than at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT0MKzaE3eA&feature=player_embedded

Mike said he will make up his mind whether to get in this race by the end of January.  That’s less than six days away!!

We NEED to make sure as conservatives that this ardent, eloquent, and principled conservative gets in this race, at least!

Mike Pence has fought for my values — Conservative values — of much smaller government, the Reagan-Kemp supply-sider position on taxes, of traditional marriage, and has fought the Wall Street-Federal Reserve barons by being the FIRST Congressmen to brave the fury of the last Republican White House and stand up to Karl Rove and be one of the FEW to vote ‘No’ on the 2008 Wall Street Bailout.

America is very comparable to France in 1955 right now: a country that needs to return to its traditional values and sound money.  There is only one politician in America today who is made of Presidential timber and who I can put my TRUST in to ensure that our beloved country does end up as a second-world big government mess: Mike Pence — who will put in place all the needed and necessary policies to turn our America around and bring us back our jobs.

Pence likes the gold standard, he has stood his ground for conservatism even when it was unpopular to do so (whether in voting against the 2008 Wall Street bailout, or the $1 trillion Medicare expansion in 2003, or against the No Child Left Behind Act).  He has been in Washington, DC for over a decade fighting for our values, and now I gladly fight for him.

This is why I am urging everyone to go to www.TheConservativeChampion.org, and TIME is short (less than six days).  There is nobody else like Mike Pence!

That’s why major Conservative and Tea Party leaders such as Dick Armey, Brent Bozell, Richard Viguerie (Conservative Icon), and others have all ENDORSED him.

I urge you to go and sign the Declaration to help the effort trying to ensure that at least he RUNS in this very crucial Presidential election against Pres. Obama.

These are the reasons I fight for him.  See the video!!


“I did not come to Washington to expand the size and scope of government. I did not come to Washington to ask working Americans to subsidize the bad decisions of corporate America.” – Rep. Mike Pence