Why We Need Rep. Mike Pence's Spending Limit Amendment

This entire debate over the debt ceiling is serving to only reinforce my strong feeling and conclusion that America desperately needs Rep. Mike Pence as her President.

Go to www.TheConservativeChampion.org to sign the declaration — time is limited as Pence said he would make up his mind by the end of January and if we want him in this most important President contests of our lives against Pres. Obama, we NEED to show him our support.  AMERICA NEEDS PENCE!!

As Quin Hillyer points out in the American Spectator (here: http://spectator.org/archives/2011/01/21/public-service-public-examples), Pence is Our Man!

And why?

Because Mike Pence is Jack Kemp’s heir — Jack Kemp made him his successor because Pence is STRONG on the Reagan-Kemp prosperity formula that creates millions of jobs.   Plus, Pence’s principled legislative career, in which he was the first to stand up to Karl Rove against the Wall Street bailout, his fight against big government No Child Left Behind and all the other big government programs of the last Republican White House, plus, his ardent fight against President Obama’s recklessness and craziness — well, IT tells me that Pence IS THE RIGHT CHOICE.  That our country would NEVER have this amount of debt, if Pence were our President.

Indeed, Pence has introduced a Spending Limit Amendment that would constrict federal government spending to the historical average of 20% of GDP growth, not the 25% of GDP growth that it is today.  This is very important because not only would it STOP and RESOLVE this whole debate on the debt ceiling, but it would reduce the total government spending in America’s economy, which is 66% (if we factor in Federal Reserve, stimulus, state, and local governments spending).  WE NEED TO REDUCE IT, AND MIKE PENCE WILL REDUCE IT.

Major Conservative and Tea Party leaders like Dick Armey, Brent Bozell, Erick Erickson, Morton Blackwell, and others have all ENDORSED him.

I urge everyone in the name of this awful debt ceiling debate to go to www.TheConservativeChampion.org and sign the declaration cheering on to enter into the 2012 Presidential race against Obama.

Again, time is short because Pence said he would make-up his mind by the end of January.

It is Now or Never if we want to show him our support!

Here’s Pence on the debt ceiling debate:


“I did not come to Washington to expand the size and scope of government. I did not come to Washington to ask working Americans to subsidize the bad decisions of corporate America.” — Rep. Mike Pence