Why I Am Supporting Mike Pence For President!

Did you hear that Congressman Mike Pence is thinking of running for President?  I am excited! And so, too, is Erick Erickson who has ENDORSED him.

And with good reason!

Here are my reasons why I am cheering on Mike — first, he is THE MAN who stood up against Karl Rove and was the 1st person in the whole Congress to oppose the Wall Street bailout, back when opposing THAT bailout was the unpopular thing to do.  He’s one of the few politicians we have in America who has serious backbone and loads of courage!

But, also, Pence is very much America’s modern-day equivalent of William Gladstone (or as the British called him “Grand Old Man”).  Both are strong and rather well-noted charitable Christians (like Gladstone, Pence is a down-to-Earth guy and volunteers and rings the bell for the Salvation Army *regularly*), extremely hard workers, strong deregulation-ists par excellence, tax reformers, insightful, with long principled legislative careers, and crisp and fine speaking-styles.  And they both like the gold standard!  Also, exactly like Gladstone taking the reins in Britain in 1868, Pence would take the reins of America at the moment when she is in “discrim” and in immense pain, and needs desperately to effect a transition to near complete de-regulation, and to a tax system that is less Obama-ist and more Jack Kemp-ish, if she is to keep her place in the world.

And Pence is Jack Kemp’s intellectual and political heir!

So Pence has got guts and brains, of the Reagan-Kemp prosperity mold, and I would much prefer, much like Erick Erickson, to see the impeccable Pence at 1600 Pennsylvania forcing the implementation of these very many and necessary changes to get us back-on-foot against Asia — indeed, this is my guy I put my trust in to do it RIGHT!

To me, with effective unemployment in America at 19% (higher than France’s, PEOPLE!!), the sheer infuriation of the American people at the broken American social contract means this a huge chance to get someone who BELIEVES and has FOUGHT consistently for the core & true tenets of America in the Oval Office.

That’s unequivocally only one man:  Rep. Mike Pence!

We need someone who is smart, insightful, *principled*, eloquent, and a *true* Constitutionalist in the White House to make sure our beloved country stays strong and does not become some sort of second-world mess.  We need Mike Pence!

So I urge EVERYONE from my heart to sign-up and show support and encouragement for him to run!  There’s nobody else like him — WE NEED HIM !!

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