GITMO and Prisoner's of the Womb.

At the bottom of this post is a reference from the Hipster Libertarian blog by Bonnie Kristian which this post gets its inspiration.

Libertarians bug me sometimes. Especially when the cost of war, such as the operation of GITMO, that should not be closed, are expressed in monetary terms. I look at it this way, if the government just did its Constitutional function rather than all of this social experimentation, this post would be irrelevant. A simple installation in the Caribbean would be paid for with more than enough from defunding Planned Parenthood which creates a multi-billion dollar industry of executing unborn citizens against their will everyday. Some people illegally come to the USA to birth their babies and receive for them automatic citizenship and afford the family member life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The information below in the post on the issue of Human Rights comes from Human Rights First, a well-funded left-wing partner of Open Society Institute founded by George Soros. By the way, Human Rights First is a proponent of open border immigration policy. Their cause doesn’t import any merit on the issue of GITMO considering their equal global assault on the womb through alignment with failed philosophical organizations who believe in the negative eugenics of Margaret Sanger.

Thank you Congress for keeping Obama from closing GITMO. In the light of war, you have kept America safe and legal in its approach to enemy combatants. A drone-less compromise.


$800,000: Annual cost to tax-payers of maintaining one prisoner in Guantanamo Bay.

166: The number of prisoners currently in Gitmo.

86: The number of prisoners currently in Gitmo who have been cleared for release but not actually released.

46: Detainees scheduled for indefinite detention without charge or trial.

15: The age of arrest of the youngest Gitmo detainee ever, Omar Khadr, who was “tortured and refused medical attention” because he would not confess.

15: The number of prisoners under the age of 18 who have been kept at Gitmo.

9: The number of inmate deaths at Guantanamo Bay.

6: The number of those deaths suspected to be suicides.

2009: The year Obama was supposed to close Gitmo.

2013: The year he closed the office dedicated to closing Gitmo.