My country has cancer

My country has cancer. Ever watch someone you love struggle to live and then die of cancer?  I have. It is not pleasant. Recent pampered generations, poorly focused on “me first” have allowed a once localized and controllable malignancy to metastasize. This cancer has infected every vital organ of our government and now threatens to destroy what once was the greatest, most exceptional country in the history of mankind…America.

With misplaced trust, we of the “older generation” also have allowed this to happen…never conceiving that it could. When the reality of disease was unmistakably digested in 2010, a stunned populace responded with the only remedy they knew…infusions of huge majorities in the 2012 and 2014 elections, trusting these proclaimed “antibodies” would halt the spread. The remedy had always worked before…but not now. FEAR. The majority came to realize that the safeguards we had always taken for granted…the law, checks and balances, two party system, an objective press, a non-partisan judicial, an honest academia…were all infected. ANGER.

The pathologies of America’s vital organs confirm the diagnosis…
Executive…sworn to uphold and defend our Constitutional DNA…has instead, without opposition, decided which laws shall be enforced, which shall be ignored and which shall be established by fiat.
Legislative…Both organs ordained to balance each other and the laws they produced, are now controlled by the same wealthy donor class and have adopted the same progressive agenda. The two party safeguard no longer exists.
Judicial…The fallback safeguard of our country’s DNA, the Supreme Court has suddenly and unconstitutionally begun legislating…functioning in spasms, erratic and confused, and without challenge.

Several days ago the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that individuals working for government outnumber individuals working in the manufacturing sector by 1.8 to 1. Free market capitalism, the powerful driving heart of our economic engine, has become a sputtering pulse. Arteries clogged with overregulation are yielding unsustainable debt and entitlements, record unemployment, underemployment, reduced home ownership, record foreclosures, abusive taxes, a middle class on life support and dangerous income inequality….and we are told this is the “recovery”.

Organs of State, Justice, IRS and EPA are infected with secrecy and deception…now utilized to drive an agenda, weaponized to punish dissent and function without accountability. In a global environment more hostile than ever in our history, our Military and support for VA are at the lowest levels in more than a half century.

The culture in the country is rife with ignorance, misinformation and lack of concern…conditions influenced by breakdowns in the family structure, academia, media, celebrity, and religion.

Academia…have abdicated its role to educate for a mission to indoctrinate…the symptoms are evident beyond the curricula. Students are now penalized for using the words ”illegal” or “alien” to describe illegal aliens. A professor at a university in Washington state advises white students that they “must defer” to minorities in all matters if they wish to secure a good grade. Many universities now have “safe areas” where students can be insulated from dissenting opinions.
Media…”investigative reporting” is a function the press can no longer afford…or wants to. It has been replaced with “biased reporting”… or with completely ignoring news.
Most of the cancer found in Academia and Media is of the “political correctness” strand, which seeks to infect patriotism and factual history with the lies of a never successful Marxist culture.
Religion…a Cardinal in NYC publically denounces a candidate as “nativist” for chiding another to address his political comments in English rather than in Spanish….yet remains silent on the daily practice of infanticide. While the tenets of Christianity and Judaism…an important aspect of our country’s DNA…is under constant attack, Islam continues to be protected as a legitimate religion with Sharia systematically allowed to erode our culture.

Immigration, always welcomed as a systematic transfusion that, once assimilated, added diversity and vitality to America’s cultural blood. Today immigration has given way to invasion. By executive fiat, we are being invaded by majorities who have no interest in assimilation, and do not come here for the opportunity America has always offered. Unless reversed, this invasion will disfigure our culture, and render neuter our once great country.

Facts and reality are dismissed in all discourse unless they support the “Marxist agenda”. Individuals are no longer male or female…they are “whatever they identify as”. The same “compassionate army” who purged “nigger” and “dixie” from the lexicon, worship at the altar of Sanger whose bust is enshrined in a place of honor at the Smithsonian. This is beyond hypocrisy…this is cancer.

What to do. When cancer is diagnosed the immediate response is to get rid of it…get it out of my body. In early stages, mass cancers may be removed surgically. As it progresses, the resort is chemotherapy…a poison which we agree to put into our body because it will kill the cancer cells. At that point, there is less concern for the fact that it will also kill many good cells. The overriding objective remains…”get it out of my body”.

My country is at that point. Enter Trump. I am not a fan. I have serious concerns about the damaging effects of his candidacy. But Trump is chemo. He will kill the cancer…and a lot of good “cells”. He is the only candidate who owes no allegiance to the ruling donor class. And therein lies his appeal and his ascendancy. My country has cancer. My country is angry. Get it out of my body.

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