My First

This will by my first diary entry, so I’m going to introduce myself a bit and weigh in on some recent news.

I haven’t been conservative long, but once I was released from the clutches of Liberal Prep, I began seeing things differently.  I stopped watching CNN (the only channel my high school ever allowed on the TVs), started reading the Constitution and began determining which issues are important to me. I know our second amendment rights are extremely important, especially in these Obama days we find ourselves living in, so I strongly support it (and plan to become a member of the NRA when I graduate). I believe that the power of the Executive order needs to be scaled  back (because, after all, its original purpose was only to help maintain the Executive Branch). I also believe that life begins at conception, and while I am against abortion, I do get a bit uncomfortable talking about the issue.

Still, I get more uncomfortable talking about LGBT rights, as I have friends and family in this group, and the situation in Indiana doesn’t help. Do they deserve the same rights as everyone else? Of course, but their rights don’t supersede everyone else’s. The government cannot force someone to cater a gay wedding if their religion says homosexuality is a sin. Sure, I guess it’s worst for the priest if the government makes him marry the individuals, but you shouldn’t be forced to be a participant on any level. And how come the media fails to acknowledge that Muslim bakers in Dearborn, Michigan refuse to cater gay weddings? Where’s the liberal uprising there, I ask? I guess, unless you’re a Christian, you have religious freedom in our country. At least that’s the vibe I’m getting. Our government has no place fiddling with religion, especially when they try to attack our first amendment rights to freedom of religion. Hey, government! This amendment includes the right to practice our religion, not just throw around that you’re this or that. Don’t tread on our freedoms!

One issue especially is extremely troubling for me. It has to do with our republican congressmen and women. I know we can talk the talk, but since I have converted, so to speak, I have yet to see our conservative officials really stand for what they believe in. I’ll listen to them talk about change all day, but rarely do they do anything to make it happen. I’ll take a page from [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ]’s playbook and say that it’s great when somebody says they oppose Obamacare/illegal amnesty/Iran deal/etc., but when have they stood up and actually done anything about it? We need to find our spines and follow our words with action. When we come under fire for our beliefs, we have to stand by them. We shouldn’t change our views or surrender our rights to satisfy the left-wing. It’s high time we stand our ground and meet liberals head on in their fight for political correctness and Constitutional defiance.

The great thing about turning eighteen? I finally have a say, no matter how small, in the direction our country takes. Sure, our hearts are on the left side of our bodies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the direction our country should be taking. Hands get things done, and since the majority of our country is right handed, I’d say it’s about time we pull this Prius over to the right, trade it in for a Ford (or other American-made car) and make some real American progress.