What's the Matter With Florida?

Okay, not all of it, as there are many fine parts of the Sunshine State, but what I’m specifically wondering is, what’s the matter with Florida District 8?

I ask upon reading the news that state Senator Dan Webster, touted as a top candidate to get into the race against unhinged nutbag Alan Grayson, has opted not to make the race. Frustratingly, he’s only the latest in a line of potential GOP prospects who have taken a pass.

Given the NRCC’s dynamite recruiting efforts around the country — they’re even getting viable congressional candidates in states like Hawaii, f’r chrissakes — it’s odd that they can’t seem to put it together in FL-08, an R+2 district that Grayson only won with the help of Obama’s coattails on the one hand and an ethically-challenged incumbent on the other. The district isn’t exactly the most Republican in the world, but Grayson’s was nonetheless one of those classic “fluke” wins, in light of which his increasingly insane behavior is all the more brazen and foolish. This is Orlando, not San Francisco.

What the heck is going on here? Why are the House Dems allowing Alan Grayson of all people to be their point man on foaming moonbattery? And why can’t the GOP seem to capitalize on it?